Made in the UK. Police Approved: Secured by Design.

Disklabs Faraday Bags gain Secured By Design (SBD) ‘Police Preferred Specification’.


Not many of us would leave a device unattended or unlocked in an unsecured environment, however physically carrying or using a computer, tablet or phone is no guarantee that the device is secure and not at risk from unauthorised intrusion.

Any digital device can be at risk simply by connecting to an unsecured wireless network during your daily commute or in public places and the Disklabs Faraday bag will stop this in its tracks.
The simple substitution of a conventional briefcase or protective sleeve with a faraday shield variant will block connectivity to unsecured networks and malicious tracking applications.

Features of the Disklabs range of faraday products-

  • Blocks all RF wireless signals
  • Easy to use
  • Independently tested
  • Functional and stylish design
  • Uses military grade water resistant material
  • Accredited SBD ‘Police Preferred Specification’
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Disklabs is a member of Secured by Design, the flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design out’ crime through the use of high-quality innovative products and processes. Disklabs independently tested range of Faraday Bags are the first to have gained the Secured By Design ‘Police Preferred Specification’.

Disklabs products are designed to both solve and prevent crime. The UK’s ‘original Disklabs faraday bags’ are used to shield digital devices from the battlefield to the boardroom in over 80 countries. For mobile phones, tablets, laptops or key fobs, Disklabs is the UK’s number one provider of active RF shielding.

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