Holdall Shield 4 65ltr – RF Shielded Faraday Bag

A 65 litre capacity holdall shield, designed for applications where there is a need to secure and protect multiple digital devices at the same time. This product was designed after a conversation with the FBI, who said that there was an issue with drug importers putting trackers inside packages of drugs. The HS4 65ltr prevents the trackers from sending out any signals. This means that the evidence cant be tracked and that the secure store remains secure.

Product Code: HS4 65ltr
Dimensions: 60cms x 30cms
Window: No
Strap or Handle: Yes


  • Police
  • Military
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Education
  • Consumers
  • Travellers
  • Corporate
  • Car Breakdown Companies
  • Car Owners
  • Store Staff
  • Digital Forensic Investigators


  • Shielding of large devices
  • Shielding of small devices
  • Storage of other Faraday Bags
  • Laptop Shielding
  • Tablet Shielding
  • Phone Shielding
  • ID Card Shielding
  • GPS/Sat Nav Shielding
  • Stops remote hacking attacks
  • Stops car key cloning
  • Passport Shielding
  • Gaming Devices
  • Credit Card and ID Card Shielding
  • Car Key Shielding
  • Drone Shielding

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