iPad Pro Shield (IPP001) Faraday Bag – RF Shielding (Covert)


Specifically designed to protect a ‘standard’ iPad from unauthorised remote access. This product was commissioned by a national police authority for when they sent out new iPads to their staff. It ensured that the confidential data on their iPads remained secure from criminals that they were investigating.

Product Code: IPP001
Dimensions: 22.2cms x 27.7cms
Window: No
Strap or Handle: No


  • Police
  • Military
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Education
  • Consumers
  • Travellers
  • Corporate
  • Digital Forensic Investigators


  • Shielding of small devices
  • Storage of other Faraday Bags
  • Tablet Shielding
  • Phone Shielding
  • ID Card Shielding
  • GPS/Sat Nav Shielding
  • Stops remote hacking attacks


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