Notebook Shield (NS1) Faraday Bag -RF Shielding

A notebook-sized (will comfortably hold the Microsoft Surface Pro, Dell XPS13 and iPad Pro 12.9″) shielded bag, designed to isolate all types of RF connectivity ( Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, GPS).

Designed specifically for the protection of your data during the daily commute or travelling overseas the NS1 is discreetly branded and features additional netting pouches for a mouse and power supply.
Product Code: NS1
Dimensions: External 36cm x 28cm / Internal 34 cm x 26cm
Window: No
Strap or Handle: Yes


  • Police
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Consumers
  • Travellers
  • Corporate


  • Laptop Shielding
  • Phone Shielding
  • ID Card Shielding
  • GPS/Sat Nav Shielding
  • Stops remote hacking attacks
  • Stops car key cloning
  • Passport Shielding
  • Car Key Shielding

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