Police Approved: Secured by Design.

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The Disklabs Faraday Bag story

In 2003 Disklabs – developers and manufacturers of Faraday Bags – were helping the Police with their enquiries.

Disklabs’ digital forensic laboratories, and knowledge of hard disk drive technology, were being utilised by law enforcement agencies to help with investigations into data held on mobile phones during criminal cases.

Traditionally, protecting and shielding mobile devices before investigation required an excessive amount of environmentally damaging single-use consumables. Disklabs identified the need for a more environmentally-friendly solution – and our Forensic Director began the development of the Disklabs Faraday Bag range.

Police approved

In 2004, Disklabs began supplying UK Police forces with first-generation reusable Faraday Bags for use with mobile phones. Over the last 15 years sales have expanded to encompass the global market, and Disklabs Faraday Bags are now supplied to:

  • Royalty (foreign and domestic)
  • Presidents
  • Prime Ministers
  • Ambassadors
  • MPs
  • Military (including high-ranking officers and special forces)
  • Police
  • Government agencies
  • Intelligence services


Big in business

Disklabs Faraday Bags are in widespread use with major global corporates, including

Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Zurich, Kia and BMW. Many high net worth individuals also rely on Disklabs Faraday Bags to protect their digital privacy.

There are over 250,000 Disklabs Faraday Bags currently in use. Through heavy investment in R&D, the range is extended by an average of 3 new designs every year. Current design projects include personnel protection from IEDs, and car theft prevention.

The Disklabs Faraday Bags range has always been made in the UK and has now achieved ‘Secured by Design’ and ISO9001 standards.

About Disklabs

Disklabs Ltd is a digital technology company, providing specialist data services to law enforcement, government agencies, public sector organisations, corporates, regulatory financial bodies and the private sector.

Disklabs’ experience in the field of digital forensics has helped in the development of a range of Faraday Bags that gives clients peace of mind that their devices are safe and secure.

Disklabs Core Services


Disklabs undertake digital forensic analysis on computers, servers, mobile phones and other digital devices.

  • full forensic analysis, examination, reporting and expert witness
  • Forensic triaging, imaging, processing and production of viewing packages
  • eDiscovery: searching, locating and securing data in large fraud cases.
  • On-site imaging, typically acquiring forensic images of server files, laptops and workstations.
  • Attending site as part of a raid and seizing digital equipment.
  • LPP case work, identifying LPP material for previewed by independent counsel.
  • Expert witness, attending court and advising counsel.


Disklabs have a Specialist In-House Advanced Data Recovery service which is recommended to all UK law enforcement and Government Agencies by UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). Disklabs service delivers evidential data back to its clients in a forensically sound manner following the Forensic Science Regulators Code of Practice and Conduct and chain of custody protocols

Disklabs also undertake data recovery on large servers, computers, laptops and storage systems for public and private sector clients


Disklabs deliver end to end solutions for data bearing asset which are no longer needed and now require a secure destruction of sensitive, confidential and protectively marked data prior to disposal.

Disklabs physically destroy the data bearing media assets using CESG certified degaussers and IT equipment shredders. Following the same chain of custody protocols for hard drive destruction as we do for our digital forensic clients , ensuring the safe, secure destruction of your data bearing media.


Disklabs Data Erasure Service securely erases data from all digital media assets which are going to be re-deployed or re-used;

Our service can be delivered at customer data centres, IT facilities or from our own Police Assured Secure Facility (PASF). When equipment that has become end of life, Disklabs deploy HMG Infosec Standard 5, Higher Level software, as used by the British Government to permanently destroy data and provide a documented audit trail and Certificate of Data Erasure

Disklabs holds the BSEN 15713:2009 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material standard and follows established Standard Operating Procedures and working practices when handling, managing and destroying or erasing data.

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We are always on the look out for forward thinking companies and individuals to join our global network of distributors.


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