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Disklabs attend the prestigious TISA annual conference


The Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA) theme for this year’s conference was ‘Social Change -impacting financial services for the better’ with the growing challenges of preventing cybercrime and improving digital security high on the agenda. Disklabs were pleased to have the opportunity to attend in the exhibition area, helping to raise awareness amongst the conference delegates of the growing cyber risks faced by the financial services industry with specific focus on data recovery, digital forensic services and protecting the mobile digital workforce.

Over 350 delegates attended the conference which was supported with a strong panel of speakers from the financial services sector and government including John Glen MP (Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister) and the Rt Hon. Amber Rudd MP (the former Home Secretary who has been recently returned to the cabinet as Work and Pensions Secretary).

In the breakout sessions, many of the conference delegates took the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of using Disklabs Faraday Bags to protect their digital devices. Recent media coverage on the effectiveness of using the police accredited Disklabs Keyshield to prevent ‘relay vehicle theft’ meant that most delegates were familiar with core Disklabs technology however many were unaware of the wider applications for Faraday Bags in protecting phones and computers from hacking and tracking especially when working from home and during the daily commute.

TISA is a growing cross-industry body with over 200-member firms from all areas of UK financial services (Banks, Investment Managers, Life and Pensions Providers, Wealth Managers, Distributors, Online Platforms and Service Providers) The TISA mission is to develop policy, services and infrastructure that promotes consumer’s financial well-being and the strength of the nation. Through this approach, TISA creates an environment for UK financial services to flourish.

TISA has expanded its focus from savings and investment to include the digitalisation of UK financial services. Customers assets have to be protected securely in the new digital world and TISA organises training courses, discussions forums and conferences on the prevention of financial and cybercrime in support of its industry members.

At Disklabs data is our business. Our products and services protect your digital life.

The UK’s ‘original Disklabs faraday bags’ are used to shield digital devices from the battlefield to the boardroom in over 80 countries. Our Faraday Bags, guarantee the security of evidence, protect important files and safeguard key information during transit. Whether it is on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or key fob, we are the number one provider of active RF shielding.

Our expert digital forensic services team are passionate about speeding up the processes of evidence recovery whilst maintaining quality and accuracy. Operating from a state of the art facility, Disklabs has over 20 years’ experience in digital forensics, data recovery and data erasure. We specialise in providing services to law enforcement, security agencies and corporations, in the recovery of data and forensic investigations.

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