Made in the UK. Police Approved: Secured by Design.

Lab Box (LB2) Faraday Box – RF Shielding Faraday Box

The LB2 is a Faraday Laboratory Box specifically designed for those who handle mobile devices for forensic acquisition. The box features an integrated pair of RF-shielded gloves to allow forensic analysts to unbag devices in a shielded area. The internal size is 32.5cmx37cmx14cm.

External dimensions: w: 35cm, h: 39cm (closed) 65cm (open), d: 15cm

Product Code: LB2
Dimensions: 35cm x 39cm x 15cm
Window: Yes
Strap or Handle: No


  • Police
  • Military
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Corporate
  • Digital Forensic Investigators


  • Shielding of small devices
  • Storage of other Faraday Bags
  • Laptop Shielding
  • Tablet Shielding
  • Phone Shielding
  • GPS/Sat Nav Shielding
  • Stops remote hacking attacks
  • Viewable screen
  • Passport Shielding
  • Notebook Shielding

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