Police Approved: Secured by Design.

Top Reasons & Benefits For Choosing a Disklabs Faraday Bag

Disklabs Faraday Bags ensure the security of evidence, protect important files and safeguard key information.  Whether it is on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or digital device. We are the number one provider of RF shielding into military, law enforcement and government agencies globally.

Benefits of choosing Disklabs Faraday bags 

  • Proven track record – Over 250,000 units in service, in 80 countries.
  • Quality and performance – Designed and manufactured in the UK by Disklabs, The Digital Forensic Experts.
  • Short lead times – Disklabs maintain stock levels that enable most orders to be dispatched on the same day and a supply chain without risk of changing tariffs.
  • Testing – Disklabs Faraday bags are independently tested and accredited by UK Police, Secured by Design.
  • Value for money –Disklabs Faraday bags are the most cost-effective and best environmental shielding solution, especially when compared to disposable bags. 
  • Ease of use – Disklabs soft bags incorporate easy to use hook and loop sealing method.
  • Reliability – Disklabs faraday bags are manufactured from Military Grade water-resistant outer material, double layered RF shielding and Velcro fastening
  • Range of products – Disklabs offer a range of products from key shields to large holdalls to meet every potential application. 

Shielding performance criteria for all Disklabs Faraday bags.

  • Disklabs Faraday bags are designed to isolate a device from a wide spectrum of RF signals with the highest possible dBm attenuation* margin to prevent connection to wireless networks.
  • Independent assessment has determined that attenuation in excess 50dBm* across all wireless frequencies offers the necessary protection to prevent wireless-enabled digital devices connecting to networks when isolated in a faraday bag. Anything less will not counter the risk of unwanted connection, especially when in close proximity to a cell site or wireless access point.
  • Working in conjunction with independent experts and industry stakeholders to establish a key set of performance criteria, Disklabs have set the standard in faraday bag testing procedures which have been undertaken by De Montfort University Leicester and oversite and auditing of the results by UK Police, Secured by Design.


Disklabs Limited, Galena Close, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 4AS https://www.disklabs.com/

Professor Alistair Duffy BEng(Hons), MEng, MBA, PhD, CEng, FIET, IEEE Fellow, FRSA. De Montfort University


*Attenuation is an important consideration in the modern world of wireless communication. Attenuation limits the range of radio signals and is affected by the material it must pass through.


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